Toy Ray Gun Collection
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  Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons
Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons space gun. Trigger vibrates large spring to create echo "laser" sound effect. Contains light that shines mysteron circles.

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  Atomic Ray Gun
Japanese Tin Ray Gun - with "Atomic" in lithograph print.

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I started collecting vintage toy space guns 4 years ago much to the bemusement of my friends and colleagues, "You collect toy rayguns?!" they would say with a slight smirk, missing the point entirely. I admit it is a slightly niche area to obsess about but I am glad to be given the opportunity to rave for a moment. Ignore the fact that are toys, as it is not terribly relevant, simply study the aesthetically pleasing lines and curves, the subtle styling that reflects the design periods they come from mixed with that eras interpretations of the future. My first gun was the wonderful 1950's retro-futuristic Hubley Atomic Disintegrator, widely coveted by ray gun collectors. Yes, there are many of us, scouring garage sales & online auction sites for this generally overlooked art form. My collection continues to grow, favourites include the wonderful sleak crome 1950's Strato Gun by Futuristic Products, the heavy black Buck Rogers Pistol by Daisy is still emitting a loud pop now just as it did in the 1930's, and not forgetting the more contemporary reproduction of the Star Wars Han Solo blaster a monsterous adaption of a WWII German "Broomhandle" Mauser. My friends continue to just nod and smile when I enthuse about my latest addition, but if I can convert just one of you then I feel I have made my point. Browse my collection & I hope you enjoy them as much as I continue to.

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(the above passage was written originally by me for wired magazine)

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AS FEATURED ON This blog is simply a record & gallery of my toy ray/space gun collection. Each time I get a new addition to my collection I will post a pictures & some info about it as well as estimated value. Hopefully other collectors will find this site of interest.

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